Ms. Daydra Roberts

A Note from Ms. Roberts:
Elementary school can be defined as establishing the solid foundation a child requires.  It is the stage during which they develop an outlook towards learning.  Elementary school prepares children to become efficient learners.  Along with Parental involvement and teachers, the presence of an Elementary Guidance Counselor ensures that the process of learning and building social skills affects our children in a positive manner.  Counselors along with all other staff members are a necessity for all schools to promote well-being. Our Guidance Program will master topics such as peer relationships, grief, loss and divorce; along with other topics such as conflict resolution and decision making skills.  These topics to name only a few can be explored through classroom guidance using the Second Step Violence Prevention Curriculum, Group counseling, and Individual counseling which would be based on referrals from the student, teacher, administrators, or the parent.  Procedures may vary to ensure a positive outcome for one the student, two the parent, and three the educator.